A few TRIPS  and  EVENTS  of  Up the Creek:
  • Weekly Friday & Holiday Happy Hours.
  • Weekend Trips throughout the Winter & Summer.
  • Weekend Water-Skiing and Boating Trips.
  • Day Hikes, ​Camping and Hiking Trips.
  • Thrilling White-Water Rafting Trips.
  • Mountain Biking and Road Biking events.
  • Fun and Exciting Colorado and Utah Biking Trips.
  • Volleyball, Softball, Tennis, and Golf outings.
  • Theater, Concerts, & Professional Sporting Events.
  • 1-Day Ski Bus Trips to various Colorado Ski Areas.

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PARTIES  and  PICNICS  of  Up The Creek:
  • 4 SUPER-FUN "casual" Parties and Picnics.  Some are FREE others are $5-$10 for members that signup in advance; Guests are always welcome.  The SuperBowl Party, The Summer Bash Picnic,  The Summer Wake Picnic, and our famous Halloween Party.
  • 4 Elegant (Black Tie optional) Formal Dinner and Dances; The Spring Fling, Fall Ball (80's Party), Holidays Party, and The Mardi Gras Party.

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  • Yahoo Groups "ONE-LIST"
  • FREE  annual membership directory
  • And - a lot of FUN people.

Up the Creek is a non-profit Ski & Recreation Club that has been in existence for over 35 years in the Denver Metro area.  We are run by volunteers & have various weekend & day trips all year round.   During the SUMMER we have boating, camping trips, weekly biking, volleyball, golf groups; with hikes throughout the Summer & Fall.   In the Winter Season we have Day Bus Trips to various Front Range Ski Areas plus many weekend trips to Colorado's favorite ski resorts.  We also have numerous parties  throughout the year with a Happy Hour every Friday at different restaurants, pubs, and bars throughout the Greater Denver Area.  You do not have to be a member to attend any of our events, guests are always welcome!

Winter schedule

Up the Creek's Annual "SUMMER  KICK-OFF  MEETING" will be on Thursday, May 11th, 2017, from 5:00 to 7:30 PM at The Proof Nite Club, 7500 East Hampden Ave, Denver.  Click Here for further information. 

Up  the  creek  ski  &  rec  club, 

denver’s  Premier  Ski, Sports  &  Social  CluB,

P. O. Box  22463,  Denver, CO   80222

DEMOGRAPHICS of Up the Creek Ski:

  • Friendly Outgoing Members
  • Most of our members are in their 40's & 50"s
  • Roughly 50%-50% Female/Male ratio.
  • 75% Single
  • 25% Married or Couples
  • 85% of our members Ski or Snowboard
  • Most all enjoy outdoor events. All enjoy having FUN !          

SKI with Up The Creek !