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The purpose of the Up The Creek Yahoo Groups List E-mail is for club members to post and receive messages about club related activities, trips, events, parties.  You must be a paid club member in order to send emails thru this listing.  It can also be used to sell any sports equipment that you own or if you have a property or time share that you want to sell or rent.  One important point is that you can not post items for sale or rent for friends, this group list is a benefit of being an UTC member.  All messages are reviewed for content by the moderators before posting to the general membership.  The moderators and UTC board reserve the right to approve, reject, or edit any posted message. The list  is restricted to club members in good standing who have paid their yearly dues.
* UTC does not allow any other events to be promoted through the Yahoo Groups List the day of or the morning after (before 12 noon) the following big annual club parties: Summer Wake, Halloween Party, Holidays Party, Super Bowl Party, Mardi Gras Party, and Summer Bash. 

* UTC sponsored Friday Happy Hours go from 5:00 to 8:00 PM every week.  We have a blackout on promoting any competing event between 5 and 8 PM.  There will be a few exceptions with board approval such as the annual Warren Miller Movie in November.

* Please include a "SUBJECT" for all messages in the subject line of your email.

* Please keep messages concise and to the point.

* Please only post messages about concerts, dances, plays, or other events if you will be attending the event and you are inviting other UTC members to participate.

* Private business solicitations, funny stories, and jokes will not be approved.

* Messages containing vulgarities and/or profanities will not be approved

* Selling of garage sale type items, furniture, stereo, waterbeds, cars or trucks is not acceptable, sale of ski, sports equipment, or tickets to sporting event or concert is acceptable.  If a message contains any prohibited items the entire message will not be approved.

* Messages regarding employment opportunities or members looking to hire a tradesperson or professional services are acceptable.

* Messages regarding advertising a non-business home/apartment/timeshare/etc. rental unit or property For Sale are acceptable.  The property must be owned by the member sending the message, and it can not be a friend’s property.  Postings for members or friends of members looking to rent from a club member a home, apartment, timeshare etcetera, are acceptable.

* Messages regarding charitable events are acceptable if the person posting the message will be attending and you are inviting UTC members to join you. Soliciting monetary donations to any charitable event is not allowed. Political messages including ones inviting UTC members to political rallies and events are not acceptable.

* Messages regarding non-club sponsored private activities/trips/parties/etc. are subject to board review. These types of messages may or may not be approved depending on close conflicts with club sponsored activities. Club sponsored activities will always take precedence until such time the activity is sold out. Conflicting private activities un-related in nature to club events may be approved by the board on a case by case basis.

* Messages about missing kids, computer viruses, warnings, etc. will not be approved because we have found out that most of them turn out to be hoaxes.  

The moderators/board reserve the right to approve/reject/edit any message posted by UTC members at their discretion.

The UTC Yahoo Groups List Email moderators and board members are volunteers, who do the best job that they can with limited time constraints. Members not adhering to these posted rules are subject to removal from this list by the moderators. Members who react to a rejected message in an unprofessional and/or threatening manner are subject to suspension and/or expulsion from the club under Section 1.3 of the Up The Creek Ski & Recreation Club Bylaws (posted on the club's By-Laws section).

If you need further guidance regarding whether or not a message is appropriate for this list, please contact one of the following board members: President, Curtis  or  Dave .

To join this list, email one of our membership chairs, and included your first and last name so they can check the database and make sure you are a member.   Our membership can be reached at - 

The email address to send a message to the
UTC Yahoo Groups List  is:

UTC  Yahoo  groupS  list