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  • Wednesday, August 1st, our State of Colorado celebrates its 142nd Birthday.

I will create a special list of  -  "Corinna's Calendar of UTC Fun Things To Do"  in the Greater Denver Area, with a Summer 2018 Version, to be posted for each month.    ​​ Corinna, Summer Chair.

MOUNTAIN  BIKING  on MONDAY AFTERNOON, from April through late October The first 6 weeks of rides, about 6-10 miles, will be done on very easy single track trails in the Denver Front Range.  These first 6 rides will be very basic in nature and we will coach people in proper biking techniques and trail etiquette.  You should be reasonably fit, have a bike capable of carrying you safely over dirt and rock trails.  You will be required to wear a biking helmet on all rides.  We will cancel the ride if weather is not good for safe riding or if trail conditions are potentially hazardous.  We also do not want to cause damage to our trails by riding through mud or snow.  If we have sufficient numbers of riders attending of differing ability levels, we will split the group into a fast group and a beginner group.  Rider safety is a high priority for us.  We will not leave any riders behind.  




  • Wednesday, July 4th - UTC 4th of July "IN THE SUMMERTIME" Picnic and Party at DeKoevend Park, 6301 South University Blvd, Centennial.   Further details To Be Announced.


  • Snorkeling & SCUBA Dive Trip to Rotan, May 2nd - 12th,  Click Here for detailed information.
  • 6th ANNUAL MEMORIAL DAY PICNIC & SUMMER  BASH PARTY, Monday, May 30th, at DeKoevend Park, 6301 South University Blvd, Centennial.  Further details to be announced.
Our SUMMER CHAIR is Corinna. 
She can be contacted at

  • BRONCOS WATCH'S to be announced.

Click  Here  for last years SUMER SCHEDULE.


  • Monday, September 3rd - UTC Annual "Summer Wake" Picnic Party on Labor Day at DeKoevend Park, 6301 South University Blvd, Centennial.   Details To Be Announced.

Up the Creek's Annual "SUMMER  KICK-OFF  MEETING" for 2018, the place and time will be announced in the coming weeks.

Click Here to view the UTC TERMS of PARTICIPATION, 
April 2017

Howdy Creekers,
SUMMER is around the corner.  Let me know if you are interested in being a Summer Concert Host (and which parks you want to be a host at) and Summer Co-Trip Leaders (let me know where you might want to do your trip so I can help coordinate dates, & etc.).  Feel free to invite a friend to co-host/lead and split the comps if necessary.
Summer Host - New this summer.  $10 UTC bucks for being a host.  Of course, to be a host you need to be a dues paying member.  
·  Outdoor Free Concert Host - We will try different parks (Clement, DTC, etc.) once a week or so and whoever is the host will receive $10 UTC bucks (expires in 2 years).  
·   Other Types of Hosts - 
Colorado Speedway - be a host? 
Or perhaps a Beer Festival - be a host?  
To be a host - please contact me at -  .  After UTC Board approval, your job will be to entice people to attend by sending out an emails at least 72 hours prior, tell them how to find you (balloon, sign, umbrella, etc), and introduce them to other UTC people.
Summer Co-Trip Leaders - If you are a trip leader and have 20 people going, you get to go free.  I have got plenty of ideas or do your own idea; I have done extensive research and I'm willing to help guide you in any way.  
Requirements for Trip Leaders, you must be a current dues paying member of Up the Creek.  2018 Trip Guidelines, Trip Leader’s Attendee Receipt Comps -
Less than 20 attendees = no comps
20 paying attendees = 1 free trip leader
30 paying attendees = 1 ½ free trip leaders
40 paying attendees = 2 free trip leaders
60 paying attendees = 3 free trip leaders
Up the Creek is non-profit club with 100% volunteers.  We need your help to make this club fun - please consider volunteering and becoming a dues paying member.

Cordially ,


Summer Chair 

2018  SUMMER


our UTC OnLine Store will have all our
SUMMER TRIPS listed for purchase at 


The group meets at 5:00 PM at WASH PARK, in the middle of Wash Park (rectangle) just in from Downing Street & Kentucky Avenue near the large playground, and at the corner of the famous oak trees.  Contact Kevin at

GOLFING on MONDAY, LATE AFTERNOON or EARLY EVENINGS with UTC.  Our group meets at various times, to play 9 Holes at 17 + different Golf Courses throughout the Greater Denver Area.  

  • BRONCOS WATCH'S to be announced. 
  • Early Fall Hikes To Be Announced.

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