A few TRIPS  and  EVENTS  of  Up the Creek:
  • Weekly Friday & Holiday Happy Hours.
  • Weekend Trips throughout the Winter & Summer.
  • Weekend Water-Skiing and Boating Trips.
  • Day Hikes, ​Camping and Hiking Trips.
  • Thrilling White-Water Rafting Trips.
  • Mountain Biking and Road Biking events.
  • Fun and Exciting Colorado and Utah Biking Trips.
  • Volleyball, Softball, Tennis, and Golf outings.
  • Theater, Concerts, & Professional Sporting Events.
  • 1-Day Ski Bus Trips to various Colorado Ski Areas.



​P. O. Box  2 2 4 6 3,  

Denver, Colorado   8 0 2 2 2

  • UTC Yahoo Groups List.
  • FREE  annual membership directory.
  • And - a lot of FUN people.

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PARTIES  &  PICNICS  of  Up The Creek:
  • 4 SUPER-FUN "casual" Parties and Picnics.  Some are FREE others are $5-$10 for members that signup in advance; Guests are always welcome.  The SuperBowl Party, The Summer Bash Picnic,  The Summer Wake Picnic, and our famous Halloween Party.
  • Elegant (Black Tie optional) Formal Dinner and Dances; The Spring Fling, Fall Ball (80's Party), Holiday Party, and The Mardi Gras Party.

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DEMOGRAPHICS  of  Up The Creek:
  • Friendly Outgoing Members.
  • Most of our members are in their 40's & 50"s.
  • Approximately 50%-50% Female/Male ratio.
  • 75% Single.
  • 25% Married or Couples.
  • 85% of our members Ski or Snowboard.
  • Most all enjoy outdoor events. All enjoy having FUN.